Soil Stabilization, Dust and Erosion Control

Soil stabilization is the process of changing the natural state of soil to meet an engineering purpose. By altering the soil, you can increase the weight bearing capacities, tensile strength and overall performance of the soil. Our products are ideal for controlling dust and stabilizing soils for roads, construction sites, mining sites, building pads, landfill sites, golf courses, farms, solar power fields, and dozens of other industries.

Guardian Construction offers leading environmentally friendly solutions for soil stabilization, dust, and erosion control. Results are proven and tested by engineers, the United States military, and governments from around the world.

How our polymers are used:

Our products are supplied in concentrate and diluted with water on the job site reducing shipping cost related to weight and space necessary for storage. Once applied, polymer particles begin to coalesce, the water evaporates and what remains is a tough and durable type of plastic. Treated soils attain increased bearing capacity, flexural strength, are chemical resistant and have waterproofing capabilities.

Topical application is a simple and cost effective. When spray applied to a soil it permeates the surface and binds to the soil particles. This process begins to form a membrane that attaches to the soil fractions and conforms to the gradation and contours the soil. Repeated applications will increase the thickness and durability of this continuous film

Full depth stabilization requires mixing specific amounts within a cubic area of soil. When used as a stabilizing binder, high unconfined compressive strength, increased CBR, and other engineering qualities are easily achieved.


Benefits of Soil Stabilization and Dust Control:

Elimination of fugitive dust

Fugitive Dust is the result of dry conditions where the moisture content in the soil is low enough to not hold the soil together. Particulate matter (PM) can then enter the surrounding atmosphere through wind, mechanical movements, and other activities.

Inhalation of PM on the job site which is then introduced into the lungs causing anywhere from minor respiratory illness to permanent lung damage even death.

One topical application can eliminate fugitive dust from the job site. Creating an eco-friendly layer over the soil making a safer work environment.

Saving Money

Putting aside our motto, “the right products for the right price” soil stabilization and dust control can save you money by reducing man hours and equipment maintenance. One application vs hundreds of hours spent spraying water to control dust and dust elimination means that equipment will not break down from dust contamination.

Our Products:

  • Increase flexibility and tensile strength
  • Increase CBR rating
  • Increase load bearing strength
  • Increased traction
  • Eliminates dust
  • Dries clear (pigment can be added for uv resistance and aesthetic)
  • Non hazardous
  • Non corrosive
  • Reduced soil loss
  • Reduced water penetration
  • Used and tested by Military and engineers around the world
  • Easy and safe to use (can be applied with common construction equipment)




Industries and Uses


Runways and Landing Pads

Used to construct durable runways both on base and overseas our products can be used to create strong, durable, dust free areas for both planes and helicopters to safely land. When the US military performed a wet/dry unconfined compressive strength test they found and increase of over 1000% on silty sand.

Supply Roads

Supplies are a vital aspect of the military. Strengthening theses roads will help prevent ruts and damage creating efficient travel and reducing the repairs necessary due to dust and unstable road damage to vehicles.

Base Camps

Similar to construction sites time and money can be wasted at base camps due to fugitive dust. Not only impacting the health of soldiers and personnel but causing damage and malfunction to equipment. One topical treatment can prevent these particles from becoming airborne.

Golf Courses

Our soil stabilizers are perfect for any golf course soil related job. Preventing unwanted soils from penetrating into white sands of bunkers or contaminating the course. Perfect for cart paths and trails as well. Our products can not only improve the look of your course but significantly reduce maintenance cost. Easy and safe to use you will not need to hire a contractor to do the work but your maintenance staff will be able to apply our products with no worries.


Reduction of airborne particulate matter is a key component for all mining companies. Whether health and safety of the employees or reduction in equipment maintenance our products will save money.


Perfect for tailings our polymers will create a membrane of protection over soil particles and other by products.

Haul Roads

Similar to supply roads for the military haul roads are an essential part of the mining process. By stabilizing these roads not only can you prevents dust, wear, and soil erosion to the roads but you can prevent equipment damage due to dust and road wear and reduce maintenance cost.

Staging areas

Similar benefits as mining haul roads soil stabilization can improve foundational strength for heavy equipment while eliminating fugitive dust.



Guardian Construction supplies polymeric products used for stabilization of poor grade soils by increasing CBR, density, permeability, and other engineering characteristics or trails, pathways, and roads.​ (One topical coat of M10+50 can decrease permeability by up to 10,000%)

One product may not be correct for your application based on site conditions, budget, or end use. Considerations for high or freezing temperatures, tropical or arid climates, temporary or long term use, should be considered beforehand.

We have different co-polymer blends specifically developed for these varying conditions and can recommend the best product to achieve your goals.

Reducing environmental impact of other stabilizing and dust suppressing chemicals you can also reduce maintenance cost in regards to pothole and regarding repairs.


Reducing maintenance cost is a goal of every airport no matter what the size. Airfield taxiways, runways, runway shoulders, military or commercial airfields our stabilizers can do everything from reduce fugitive dust and debris to increasing density and load bearing capabilities.

Erosion Control

Erosion is the process of weathering and movement of soil and rock. It usually occurs from water or wind. The rate of erosion depends on many factors including amount and intensity of rain and wind speed. Water erosion is the impact of rain as it breaks apart particles of clay, silt and sand. It fills the soil pours and reduces infiltration and absorption. Wind can move soil several feet or thousands of miles across oceans. Wind causes small particles to be lifted and moved and generally occurs in areas with little or no vegetation.

Guardian Constructions products are concentrated liquid polymeric binders that are mixed with water and spray applied on soil to form an in-situ applied monolithic membrane that prevents soil erosion from wind and rain. All of our products are environmentally friendly and considered non-hazardous when used as directed.


Solar power is an ever growing industry providing greener reusable energy all over the globe. Whether access roads between fields or on the fields in between panels our soil stabilizers and dust suppressants are perfect for eliminating fugitive dust off of photovoltaic panels. Decreasing maintenance cost and maximizing the solar input of the panels making greener energy greener.


Dust and sediment control on construction sites is extremely important and can be quite costly and wasteful when approaching it in the traditional water treatment. Dust and fugitive dust can effect things like vision and the overall health of employees and surrounding community. Our line of stabilizers can be used on all types of soils and with just one application can significantly reduce if not completely remove fugitive dust and sediment loss. Reducing maintenance time will lower overall construction cost at all construction sites.

No matter what the site or type of soil Guardian Construction has the right environmentally friendly soil stabilization solution. Saving you money on time, maintenance and repairs, and reducing the amount of respiratory illness due to fugitive dust particles is our mission. There is no doubt our products are perfect for your needs. Customer service is our number one priority; our clients all agree that we are the right people with the right products for the right price!