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Guardian Construction is proud to bring to Canada environmentally friendlier asphalt! Cleaner, safer, and easier to maintain our asphalt provides superior performance and reduces the negative impact on our environment.

We use polymer modified asphalt emulsion with significantly reduced hazardous solvents and carcinogens. Designed to replace more toxic binding agents that are more commonly used our polymer provides superior cohesion and compaction with no harmful side effects to aquatic or mammal life.

Utilizing advanced technology-based additives we use 100% recycled materials in order to eliminate the need of adding to quarry growth. Processing, recycling and re-using and making it stronger.

  • Residential Paving
  • Resurfacing / Overlay
  • Paving Repairs
  • Catch Basin Repairs
  • Access Ramps
  • Asphalt Driveways
  • Asphalt Walkways
  • Asphalt Parkinglots
  • Commercial Paving and Patches

Multiple paving options to fit your specific needs!

We offer free onsite inspections and quotes. Our experienced staff will come up with the best plan of action to suit your specific needs.

Combined with our constant goal of superior customer service, Guardian Construction is the only company you need to turn to for you asphalt paving needs.

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