M10 + 50™ Military Grade Soil Stabilizer

M10+50 is a Nano particle modified acrylic blend that has 50% acrylic solids and is both water and UV proof. It is a high grade product with extreme Transitional Glass temperature ranges suitable for hot or cold climates and has excellent resistance to harsh chemicals.

The key performance advantages of M10+50 are its improved wet adhesion, mechanical strengths, and superior weathering ability. Significant improvements in compressive strength, soil adhesion, flexural strength, and durability are easily obtained using minimal dosage rates.

These advantages make M10+50 the ideal polymer to use in applications where water, UV, or chemical resistance is critical. M10+50 has shown excellent compatibility and performance in fast setting soil stabilization. Surfaces may be used immediately upon final compaction.

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Places M10+50™ is commonly used
Access roads M10 + 50 Access road stabilization
Drill pads M10 + 50 Drill pad stabilization
Airports (Peru shown in picture) M10 + 50 Peru Airport-10.JPG