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MA-60™ Military Grade Soil Stabilizer

MA-60 is a highly concentrated 60% acrylic solid blend with a medium particle size. It is both water and UV proof and provides the highest concentration available for an acrylic blend on the market today.

MA-60 performs well at low dosage rates and is excellent for airfield construction, ADA trails, or can be topically applied for long term erosion control on unprotected soils.

When used as a stabilizing binder, high unconfined compressive strength, increased CBR, densities, flexural strength and impact resistance are easily achieved with minimal admix rates.

When spray applied to a soil, MA-60 permeates the surface and binds to the soil particles. This process forms a membrane that attaches to the soil and conforms to the gradation and contours. Repeated applications will increase the thickness and the end results are significant reductions in permeability and erosion.

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