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Liquid Dust Control (LDC™)

Liquid Dust Control ( LDC™) is a high quality virgin vinyl acrylic polymer supplied in 45% concentrate and is diluted with water on the job site. Once applied, polymer particles begin to coalesce, the water evaporates and what remains is a tough and durable type of membrane. Treated soils attain increased Flexural strength, are resistant to most chemicals, and have waterproofing capabilities.

Topical application is simple and cost effective. When spray applied to a soil, LDC™ permeates the surface and binds to the soil particles. This process begins to form a membrane that attaches to the soil fractions and conforms to the gradation and contours of the soil. Repeated applications will increase the thickness of this continuous film. The results are significant reductions in permeability and erosion through both wind and rain.

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